Dale Durfee
April 2010 Contractor of the Month: Dale Durfee

Dale Durfee has 21 years of construction and construction related experience. He has spent 16 of those years operating his own company, Sunstone Builders.

Work History:

Home Repairs including: Drywall, Plumbing, Electric, Painting, Door Repair, Windows, Rekey, Roofing
Kitchen/Bath Remodeling: Cabinets, Lighting, Flooring, Doors, Raise Ceilings, Add Space, Pantry Shelving

Name: Dale Durfee General Ranking: #4 of 2345
Member Since: 09 August 2008 Projects: 12
City: Mesa Total Earnings: $ ***.**
Country: United States of America Rating: 9.9

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